C.S. Desistenze

The acronym C.S. in Italian means case sparse and usually indicates "scattered houses", i.e. "(...) scattered over a territory with such distances between them that they cannot form even a village". In my project the term is widened, to include much more than homes; therefore, "scattered constructions", which have been built, used and exploited for a certain period of time, and then abandoned. Whoever the builders or frequenters were, they have stopped caring for these constructions, they have been forgotten and neglected. C.S. Disused is a set of 19 images which catalogue the disuse or abandonment of places and constructions in the Maremma territory, mainly in the south of Grosseto province, known as the "Tufo Area". The sequence of the project offers paradoxical comparisons, overlaying the remote past to the near past, highlighting accidental similarities and conflicting historical anthropological elements, first of all between humanity and the natural wild environment. Each subject expresses its own story of disuse, anonymous or well known, and leaves its traces: plaster is faded, metal has rusted away, trees are damaged, margins corroded and redrawn by vegetation, wings are offended. Final note: the grey heron, photographed one afternoon in January of this year at the River Fiora, was brought to the Maremma Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Semproniano, where Marco Aloisi cares for him; he had not been abandoned, he was not left behind.

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